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  1. About the FiXT Store

  2. All-Over-Print (Dye-Sublimation) Shirts Info

  3. Can I Get My Merchandise Autographed?

  4. Combining Multiple Orders

  5. Customer Support Hours | Observed Holidays

  6. Damaged or Defective Merchandise?

  7. Digital Downloads to Phones and Tablets

  8. Do You Accept Exchanges?

  9. Do You Accept International Orders?

  10. Do You Accept Returns?

  11. Does the FiXT Store offer lossless downloads?

  12. Downloading Digital Purchases

  13. FiXT Store Company Directory

  14. FiXT Store Return Policy - purchases made with crypto-currency

  15. Fraud Protection Policy

  16. How Can FiXT Give Me Permission On Behalf Of The Artists?

  17. How Do I Submit A Remix To FiXT For Official Release Consideration?

  18. How Do I View My Purchase History?

  19. How Does The Music Subscription Program Work?

  20. How Long Will Shipping Take for My Order To Arrive?

  21. How Much Does Shipping Cost?

  22. How Quickly Will My Item Be Processed & Shipped?

  23. How to install FiXT eBook content

  24. I Am Now A FiXT YouTube Music Program Subscriber. Does That Mean I Can Use Any Music From the FiXT Store That I Want?

  25. I Bought An Album That Was Marked As YouTube Program Eligible in the FiXT Store. Doesn't That Mean I Can Use It However I Want?

  26. I Have A School Project That I Want To Use FiXT Music For And Will Be Uploading To YouTube As Well. Do I Need A Subscription Or Special Permission?

  27. I Have A YouTube Music Subscription. Does This Mean FiXT Will Partner My YouTube Channel Too?

  28. I Legally Own Music From the FiXT YouTube Music Program Catalog, But I Didn't Buy It Through The FiXT Store. Can I Still Use The YouTube Programs FiXT Offers?

  29. I Would Like a Refund

  30. I'm Looking For Copyright Free Music For My Project, Can I Get That With FiXT?

  31. I've Purchased A YouTube Music Program Subscription. How Do I Get The Music?

  32. If FiXT Content Is In Content ID, How Does The YouTube Music Program Free Plan Work?

  33. Label Submissions / Demo Policy

  34. Licensing FiXT Music for Film/TV/Video Games/Trailers/YouTube

  35. Missing your old Digital Vault from the past version of FiXT Store?

  36. Need a Size Chart?

  37. Only See An Artwork/Cover Image In Your Download Zip File?

  38. Orders Containing Pre-Order Items

  39. Pricing & Availability Disclaimer

  40. Proper Song Credit/Link Formatting for Free Tier YouTube Music Program Uses

  41. The CD Cases in My Package Arrived Cracked/Broken

  42. Transport FAQ

  43. Types Of Content & Allowed Usages in the FiXT YouTube Music Program

  44. What does "Error Code 10527" mean when trying to pay?

  45. What does "Error Code 11611" mean when trying to pay?

  46. What does "Error Code 15005" mean when trying to pay?

  47. What forms of Payment Do You Accept?

  48. What Is Content ID On YouTube?

  49. What Shipping Options Are Available?

  50. Where Can I Find A List of All The Music Included In The FiXT YouTube Music Program?

  51. Who Makes Money From the Subscriptions?

  52. Why Can't I Find Every Sound From The Original Song In The Stems?

  53. Why Did I Get A Copyright Notice From YouTube From A Song That Is On the Free Plan?

  54. Why Do I Have To Pay Separately To Use Music I've Purchased In Monetized Videos On YouTube? Don't I Own The Song Now?

  55. Will FiXT "Partner" My YouTube Channel?

  56. FiXT Fanmail Policy

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