Missing your old Digital Vault from the past version of FiXT Store?

FiXT Store Digital Download Migration Support

Check out the Youtube Walkthrough video: 

FiXT Store & Bandcamp Instructions

We want our customers to love listening to the FiXT catalogue of music. Now that we have the entire label catalogue available in lossless format, powered by Bandcamp, we are happy to provide customers a re-download of their previous FiXT Store label purchase, as well as a FREE upgrade to lossless format. Please note, that only albums that are still offered/available will be transferred. Not all previous releases from the FiXT Store are still carried/supported and some releases have been retired/removed. You can browse the full, available catalogue directly at http://music.fixtstore.com/

To request your free upgrade, please fill out the required information on the following page and allow 10-14 business days for us to process your request!


(Please note - requests that include order numbers will have quicker processing. If you do not have your order number, please fill out the form with the name of the albums you're requesting a re-download for and we will process as soon as possible.)

Before you download your new files after we issue them to you, it is recommend to set up a Bandcamp Fan account.  We no longer provide a download vault, so this Fan account would fulfill that need.  You have unlimited downloads in 8 different formats from this account, as well as streaming via the Bandcamp mobile application!

Find more information here: https://bandcamp.com/fans

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