I Have A School Project That I Want To Use FiXT Music For And Will Be Uploading To YouTube As Well. Do I Need A Subscription Or Special Permission?

For FiXT label artists, no. You only need a subscription if you plan to enable advertising over your video on YouTube when your project is finished. However, for any permission outside of YouTube (such as submitting to film festivals, contests, etc.), you will need to contact the artist or their management team to arrange a proper license or permission.

For all school projects, you may use this FAQ link as a reference if you need clearance for your school or teacher's records.

The following artist's FiXT Releases are cleared for use in school projects:

  1. Blue Stahli
  2. Celldweller
  3. Josh Money
  4. OCTiV (Fatality Single & EP only)
  5. Seamless
  6. Rockman
  7. Scandroid
  8. Sebastian Komor (The Voyage Vols. 1-4)
  9. Squarehead & Moonitor
  10. Varien (Pick Your Poison & Metalworks only)
  11. Skynet (Dynamo only)
  12. Adam Fielding (Chase the Light Vols. 1 & 2 only)
  13. Eric Evasion
  14. lvl
  15. Subkulture
  16. Seamless

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  8. I Have A School Project That I Want To Use FiXT Music For And Will Be Uploading To YouTube As Well. Do I Need A Subscription Or Special Permission?
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