How Does The Music Subscription Program Work?

The FiXT YouTube Music Subscription Program, put in the simplest terms, is essentially the process of purchasing a license to use FiXT music in your uploads (under certain conditions) on YouTube. This allows you to monetize your videos for as long as you are a subscriber and gives you access to our extensive catalog of YouTube safe music.

After you purchase the Permissions Program for one of your channels, we will add your channel to a Content ID "White List" for the defined period of time, which will cause Content ID to ignore uploads your channel during that period and allow you to monetize your content instead of having our ads appear with it.

What the Monthly & Yearly Music Program Products Do:

1) Allows the purchaser to use specific FiXT cleared music in their productions they upload to their cleared channel on YouTube for a defined period of time to monetize the content.

2) Adds purchaser's channel to a master whitelist maintained by FiXT's Content ID partner, clearing FiXT content on their channel for the duration of their subscription.

3) Provides the purchaser with a written permission directly to their e-mail that explicitly states their name, the duration/period of their subscription, their clearance to use music, and a way to show what content is cleared for use through from FiXT.

What the Monthly & Yearly Music Program Products Don't Do:

1) Allow you to use music in the program for any kind of 'official' direct advertisement for any real product/service or major studio productions, regardless of whether or not it's only posted on YouTube.  These kind of productions require a direct license from either the artist or their publishing partners. Video content that falls under this category includes Official Trailers (Film, TV, Video Games), Product or Event Advertisements, and Major Studio Productions. If you are unsure whether this license is appropriate for your content, please see the following FAQ: "What Kinds of Video Content Is A FiXT Subscription Good For?"

2) Allow you to use the music for productions outside of YouTube.  This product is currently for YouTube clearance ONLY.

3) Give you any tracks from the FiXT YouTube Program for free. This product is a clearance to use music and doesn't provide any music. You will still need to legally obtain or purchase the tracks you want to use for your productions.

4) Allow you to post a production using music from the program anywhere without giving the proper credit.  Credit must always be given and in the proper format for your clearance to be valid! The proper credit format is listed below.

5) Post music from the program in "Music Promotion" channel and monetize the video.  Any music posted in this channel may only be done so as Podsafe and not monetized on the uploaders behalf.

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