I Bought An Album That Was Marked As YouTube Program Eligible in the FiXT Store. Doesn't That Mean I Can Use It However I Want?

It depends.  If you are making a video that you aren't monetizing on YouTube, then you may use the free plan of our YouTube Music Program at no extra cost as long as you follow the conditions set forth in the program!  This means you must provide credit and store links to the artist's FiXT Store page (which is always easy to find. Every artist has a custom url that is fixtstore.com/artistnamewithnospaces).

If you are planning to monetize your video with ads or uploading to a third party network channel that monetizes their content, you will need to acquire a FiXT YouTube Music Program Subscription.  Simply purchasing the artists work alone does not grant you permission to upload and enable advertising in a video with the music in it! 

In either case, you MUST credit the artist with the information in the examples below. 

Proper Permissions Format: 
Song Title        
Artist Name               
Store Link
Permissions granted courtesy of FiXT.

"Anti You"
Blue Stahli

Permissions granted courtesy of FiXT.

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