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  1. General Info 

    1. About the FiXT Store
    2. Customer Support Hours | Observed Holidays
    3. FiXT Store Company Directory
    4. FiXT Fanmail Policy
    5. FiXT Store Return Policy - purchases made with crypto-currency
  2. Music Licensing 

    1. Licensing FiXT Music for Film/TV/Video Games/Trailers/YouTube
  3. Refractor Audio 

    1. Transport FAQ
  4. Remix Stems 

    1. How Do I Submit A Remix To FiXT For Official Release Consideration?
    2. Why Can't I Find Every Sound From The Original Song In The Stems?
  5. Shipping Times & Policies 

    1. Do You Accept International Orders?
    2. How Long Will Shipping Take for My Order To Arrive?
    3. How Much Does Shipping Cost?
    4. How Quickly Will My Item Be Processed & Shipped?
    5. Orders Containing Pre-Order Items
  6. Merchandise Issues & Policies 

    1. Pricing & Availability Disclaimer
    2. All-Over-Print (Dye-Sublimation) Shirts Info
    3. Need a Size Chart?
    4. Damaged or Defective Merchandise?
    5. Do You Accept Exchanges?
  7. Payment Methods 

    1. What forms of Payment Do You Accept?
    2. What does "Error Code 11611" mean when trying to pay?
    3. What does "Error Code 10527" mean when trying to pay?
  8. My Account 

    1. How Do I View My Purchase History?
  9. Digital Downloads 

    1. Downloading Digital Purchases
    2. Digital Downloads to Phones and Tablets
    3. Does the FiXT Store offer lossless downloads?
    4. Only See An Artwork/Cover Image In Your Download Zip File?
    5. Missing your old Digital Vault from the past version of FiXT Store?
  10. YouTube Music Program 

    1. I'm Looking For Copyright Free Music For My Project, Can I Get That With FiXT?
    2. I Bought An Album That Was Marked As YouTube Program Eligible in the FiXT Store. Doesn't That Mean I Can Use It However I Want?
    3. What Is Content ID On YouTube?
    4. If FiXT Content Is In Content ID, How Does The YouTube Music Program Free Plan Work?
    5. How Does The Music Subscription Program Work?
  11. eBooks 

    1. How to install FiXT eBook content
  12. All articles 

    1. Do You Accept International Orders?
    2. Downloading Digital Purchases
    3. What forms of Payment Do You Accept?
    4. Combining Multiple Orders
    5. How to install FiXT eBook content

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